Sunday, December 19, 2010

Subtitle Gakkou No Kaidan

They are not the kings of bobble ...

but they had fun!
None had additional right turn, because they have grabbed the brass ring yet regularly hopping in front of their nose.
Because in principle, the gentleman holding the string of pompom trying to make some profit, in turn, all the children doing well express the drag under their noses. Moreover, it is not a bobble, but two tassels at stake at every turn.

So for touch, that, they have touched this bobble just impossible to coordinate their ten fingers so they close at the same time on the prey!
And it was not for lack of encouraging our young colts at every turn and remind them of the need to lift the nose ...
Oh, and there are always great who are pros and bobble coming to nab the man when do not come fast enough.

short, will have to seriously work out at home if you want to cough up a little less next time because the holidays are just beginning, and we will certainly return to the ride!

Next highlight of the Christmas holidays: a session with film Rapunzel!


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